Today I arrived safely in Manhattan for my third and final summer at Teachers College to complete my master’s degree in the Teaching of English. I am overwhelmed by the thought of writing my thesis, to say the least. I lugged two enormous suitcases and a laptop to New York with me, and one of the suitcases was just filled with textbooks and student journals. When I think about this too much, I get a little queasy.

I do not put any stock in fortune cookies, but I received these two yesterday. I thought they were fitting for the task ahead. I have made this picture the wallpaper on my laptop, so that I can keep reminding myself that it may get more difficult from here, but it will be worth it … more for my sense of accomplishment than for the miniscule raise I will earn from Keller ISD.

Please pray for my safety during the month of July, if I cross your mind. I always feel vulnerable here, as anyone would. I suppose I am more so because of my unsteady gait. My brother and sister-in-law sent along a message in my suitcase. Their Post-It Note read: “Be safe.” It was attached to pepper spray.


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