We are reading Psalms 36-42 this week, and I hope you are enjoying the journey! We are almost finished with Book One of the Psalms!

I have to let you know about the way that one person is using the Walk through the Psalms series with her teenaged kids. I had never considered this before, and when she told me, I was so excited!

Lately, she has been considering ways to incorporate more intentional Bible reading and biblical conversations in her family. She read about my Psalms series and decided that would be a great vehicle for her to use with her teenagers. This is why she likes the idea of using the Psalms series with her kids.

  1. The daily reading is manageable. This mom says that she likes that we are reading only one Psalm per day. She feels confident that by asking her kids to read one per day, she is not asking too much, even though their schedules are pretty full. If they get behind or skip their reading, it will not be too difficult to read all seven Psalms in one day of the week.
  2. The podcasts are briefShe was quite excited about the fact that my podcasts could add some depth and dimension to the Psalms reading. She said that she typically listens to all of her favorite podcasts on the same day of the week: cleaning day. She plans to ask her teenagers to listen to my podcasts as they do their share of the cleaning. To her, 15-20 minutes was the perfect length. Another idea for listening to the podcasts would be on the way to school or as you make dinner. It could provide a biblically-focused opportunity for family time that might not otherwise happen.
  3. The reading lends itself to discussion. The best part about her plan to incorporate the Psalms with her kids is that she is going to have a short, weekly discussion about what they are thinking/feeling as they read in the Psalms. She predicts that because they have listened to my podcasts, they might have more to say about their own insights and observations.

The ease of this Psalms study allows it to fit into anyone’s life. There are no fill-in-the blanks or extensive Bible-page-turning. While that kind of study has a place, this slow walk through the Psalms might better fit into family conversations. At least it is worth considering. Any attempt to bring the Word into the forefront of your kids’ thoughts will be an effort that brings blessing.

I would love to know if you have already using the Psalms with your kids or plan to! Please comment on this blog post or on my Facebook page so I can read your thoughts!

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